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How Much is Enough?

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How Much is Enough?

Post by Reality Engineer on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:55 pm

I got 2 Audio Talismans and according to instructions I can copy them to a flash Drive, MP3 player, etc. AND copy the file as many times on the same thumb drive, MP3, etc. as I want.
I have the Gambling Success AT2 and the DigitalFantasyGirlsVol.1_AT2 Talismans.

Okay then...
How much is really too much. For Example, I have read that someone had copied the file on the same drive as much as 400 times! and then he walked around with it and got results.
Would this be "pushing it?"or is this normal?

What would be considered too less?
What is your experience with Audio Talismans that were effective for you?

I am trying to get a fell for what is considered "proper."


Reality Engineer

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Re: How Much is Enough?

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:09 am

For more senstive people from 20 up to 80 is ok.

For less sensitive from 200 up to 400 is ok. In some cases 2000 would be applicable.

It is completly up to you, each audio talisman is different, and has unique power.

It depends from your personal energy how much is more then enough.

At first try with 80, and if you feel something, then play around this quantity - if you don't feel anything within 30 minutes of using it - try to add 100 copies, and check thru next 30 minutes - and so on.

With Attraction Audio Talismans a lots of copies gives hard attraction [women could behave more agressivelly] and less copies would give a bit better attraction, because it's not so overpowered.

Quantity of copies - should be discover by your own - after some using.

For me 40-80 copies are ok. The new Love AT3 from 1 copy up to 20 is ok.

Some people like hard attraction, and some others rather prefer soft.

With money/wealth - more copies are recommended.

Of course if you feel the power - please drink a lots of pure water - water is conduit to energy - so you will not dehydrated.

Too much if you are senstive would be about 500 copies.

If you are less senstive too much would be 4000 copies.

But please be careful with high volume copies - overpower/stress-out/chi-overload is not fun thing/state.

Hopefully it's helpful and giving you a bit more "shared experience" about Audio Talismans in general.

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