Question - BW Girls Mp3

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Question - BW Girls Mp3

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:45 pm

E. wrote: I would like to ask from your good office about the " AttractBWGirlsSample.mp3 " ? 1.) Does it attract any girl quickly ?? 2.) What is the meaning of BW ? does it stand for Beautiful Women ?? 3.) Does it work even if you are a foreigner like German, Japan or Korea, as long as you understand English Language ?? 4.) Does it work even you go to other country foreign women anywhere in the world ?? Your attention to the above matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much ! With kindest regards ! Sincerely yours, E.

The best way is to check yourself. It is free and there is mimimum effort to listen to it 60 minutes per day through 3 days - and if you do - you will know instantly how it works for you. 3x60 minutes of listening during other activities isnt really much time.

Any girl? Maybe any not. There are audio spells of Sitri & Zepar so it should attract [theoretically] any girl. I thought I will receive some information from you how it works for you. For me it's works excellently and as I checked it thru 2-3 days - yes, it attract even more then beautiful women - maybe you not see 100 beautiful women per 3 minutes but I seen at one trip at downtown maybe 5-8 very beautiful women that shows their attention and signs of attraction.

It works for everyone. It contains programmed chi energy. "Chi energy langauge" is known by everyone that living on this Planet, even animals can get benefit from these mp3s made with different bliss engines.

Yep, it works everywhere. However this mp3 is programmed also with pictures of caucasian bw women, so if you located in Japan, it will attract women because of spells however you will see much more less bw girls on your way - because you are in Japan and caucasian bw women in Japan usually are in the minority.

Quicky? it give instant change after 3 loops of this mp3. Yep, please do this minimum of effort and listen to it 60 minutes per day thru 3 days and you will know everything how it works. You can listen more of course, I find it pretty addictive to listen mp3s made with bliss engine v.5.

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