Advice about which mp3 to choose

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Advice about which mp3 to choose

Post by JohnB on Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:44 pm

Hi Jobet,

I would like to ask which one of your "attract women mp3s" has received the most results, based on feedback that you got from the users? Which one do you recommend for guranteed results? I'm a fit, good looking, cool guy and I'm looking to using one of your products to get an edge. My general aim is to attract sexual relationships with girls that I find attractive.

Also, I want to ask if there is any potential harm that can be caused by listening your mp3s? I'm asking this, because I'm not really well versed with occult stuff and you mention a lot of different spells and energies on your website. My mother language is not english, will this reduce the effectiveness of these mp3s?




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Re: Advice about which mp3 to choose

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:42 pm

These got some nice feedbacks:

- New Sex Dream Comes True v.4 (only for non-senstive people with strong heart)
- Perfect Lovemaking Mp3
- WAM 2 – Women Approach Me Mp3s
- Handsome Man Creator

There is no potential harm (it could be if you use illegal copies though).

Yes, there is quite a lot metaphysical stuff - however you can be sure it safe.

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