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Digital Fantasy Girls - Attract Blonde Hair Women

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Digital Fantasy Girls - Attract Blonde Hair Women

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:27 pm

this pack of mp3s is to attract stunning and beautiful blond hair women with dynamic left-right headphones visualization.

The following 10 Audio Spells are inside:

- Extreme Attraction
- Seduction Z / Inner Game / Women Approach Me
- Seductive Smile
- Women Horny
- YHWH I need to get laid spell
- Lucid Dreaming
- YHWH Love and Happiness Attraction
- YHWH Orgasmic Healing
- YHWH Sexual Satisfaction
- Liquid Confidence with Women / No fear about approach women

There are also 16 pics of hot blond hair girls which appear while listening or using as audio talisman as mind's visualizations images, lucid dreaming additionally making this mp3 more effective and more fancy. This package of mp3s use dynamic visualization for both channels: left and right. Its usually can't be sense by your vision - it appear as silent mind's images in form of mind visualization - and it appear later on in your real life - by seeing more blond hair women on your way.

The special healing mix of healing frequencies and tones add more manifesting powers to these mp3s. In case of Blond Hair Women - there are 2nd chakra frequencies and tone for relationships-connection with additional 10Hz Alpha sound matrix.

These mp3s can be used at the same time as Audio Talismans - for making it real take any drive or pen-drive and make multiply copies of one file by copy and paste file within one folder.

7 Mp3s in zip archive with different power-output:

- 10x
- 30x
- 50x
- 80x
- 120x
- 240x
- 400x

If there is the possibility in case you are see that a is girl giving you signals of interests - try to talk to her, and go thru the steps from basic approach to dating or fast dating.

Please use it on your own responsibility and never use as a toy. 400x can be a as too much strong for sensitive people, in this case [if you are sensitive to energy] better use 10x or 30x.

$19 it will be $29 at main website.

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