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Psychic Skills v.2 (this is not "free" upgrade).

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Psychic Skills v.2 (this is not "free" upgrade).

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:32 pm

Hey Guys,

new version is here in pre-releases,

at least $29 [link] if you want you can add more but it is not any kind of necessity.

At website it will be $49-79..

This is loaded with Psychic Powers.

Please use it wisely. It is also kind of audio talisman but it is large file.

Optionally 1: you could put it onto 2TB harddisk and keep it in your bag. For men: choose right side of the body.
Women left side of the body.

Optionally 2: If the situation require more soft power play between left and right side of the body - for example putting it to left pocket or right pocket.

You have also seven chakras to play around, as well your legs and hands.

Please use it only on your own responsibility and use it wisely or even proudly.

This mp3 has been build within 3,5 weeks - and it is very powerful indeed.

Please drink a lots of water - to avoid dehydration and take it easy without making yourself feeling stress-out.

Ground yourself - for example by hug one of oldest tree in your area - to avoid people that don't believe in such things, please make sure that you are invisible to them.
Optionally take a shower or place your hands/legs/back on the ground - at the same time make sure that you don't cold out yourself- if you did - I would recommend Ginger or Giseng herb or it's root.

At main web $49-79

This is not upgrade. Made from basics thru 3,5 week.


MP3 File (42.0 MB)

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Re: Psychic Skills v.2 (this is not "free" upgrade).

Post by antonio19 on Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:19 pm

Hello! Tell me, please, what is the difference? is it worth it to buy if there is this audio talisman
PsiAbilitiesSAT enhanced with Audio Talisman Device v.2 (AT2)


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Re: Psychic Skills v.2 (this is not "free" upgrade).

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:27 pm

It depends from what you like or prefer, the above mp3 is for listening via headphonesm good if the one which are HQ, it's kind of remix of different techniques and different tools.

Indeed it is my very 1st remix and it's a bit like psychodelic PSI trance - with poweful subliminals inside, whole track is made without human energy, only sigils and pentacles, silent bliss engines.

What I don't like about this track - that I made it only with about 30% possible power - just took care to not overload listener with too much chi energy.


Posts : 587
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Re: Psychic Skills v.2 (this is not "free" upgrade).

Post by Sponsored content

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