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I wake up Rich Everyday Now up to 70x and up to 750x

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I wake up Rich Everyday Now up to 70x and up to 750x

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:59 pm

I wake up Rich Everyday Now

two versions:

1). up to 70x
2). up to 750x

These mp3s are made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 - can be used while during other activities that does not required your full attention - however have slight hypnotic effect - listening or using while being in public places can accelerate positive mind programming.

10 Audio Spells:

- 1st Jupiter Wealth Creation
- 3rd Sun - Renown and Riches
- 700ct Wealth Diamond
- Negative Money Beliefs Demolisher
- EA ENKI Tribute + Extreme Wealth Attraction
- YHWH Business Success
- Self Control
- Accelerated Wealth Creation with Motivation
- YHWH Dei Wealth Attraction
- Time Line - Gain control over your Time and Space

This is up to date (2018) most powerful mp3 product to attract wealth as well for creating value just by listening to / or using it.

More powerful 2). version is for those who are less sensitive to energy.

Please use it wisely and don't treat is as a toy.

Can be both: listening via headphones, earphones, speakers or as audio talisman (multiple copies of any drive act as virtual pendant => more copies = more power).

Version 1). Six mp3s with following power "x" [for people sensitive to energy]:

1- 5x
2- 10x
3- 15x
4- 20x
5- 40x
6- 70x

$19 $29 will be at website

Version 2). Six mp3 with following power "x": [only for people not senstive to energy]

1- 100x
2- 150x
3- 200x
4- 350x
5- 550x
6- 750x

$29 till 17 January then $39 and at website $49

Please use it wisely and on your own responsibility. No FDA statements.

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