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Background music for healing therapy

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Background music for healing therapy

Post by keithgold on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:35 pm

I would like to inquiry is there any available Silent Bliss mp3 used as background music for energy healing therapy sessions? I am an energy healing therapist, I would like a relax and soothing background music that I can play during my healing sessions for my patients, whereby it includes :

- self hypnosis : to make the patient to be total relax, so that the the patient can openly and easily absorb or receive the healing energy send to them

- to provide a state and environment where the healing angles, invisible spiritual helpers to be present at the moment of the healing therapy sessions, so to guide and assists the healer in his/her healing therapy for the patients, and at the same time to bless the patients as well

- it should be suitable for all types/any kind of energy healing modalities, such as Reiki healing, pranic healing, crystal healing, Xtremecaster machine healing, etc.

- energies from Yahweh, Archangels (especially Archangels Raphael), The Key of Solomon Seals - 2nd Pentacle of Mars (Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts)

- cleanse the patient aura, especially the causal, mental, emotional/astral, etheric body layer.

- cleanse and balance the patient all major chakras

- bound the healing energy that send to the patients, to be normalized, physicalized in the patient body and stay in the patient energy body system for as long as possible

- cleanse and grounded healer's energy body at the end of healing therapy sessions, to make sure healers are not or minimize the dirty energy contamination from the patients.

Can this mp3 to be requested, as I am not sure whether the features includes above are possible to be made into an audio music to be played as soft background music during the healing therapy sessions.

And also would be great that any experienced healers in this forum could suggest any additional features are welcomed to be included as well, and of course also from the creator of the mp3 music.

Thanks again, would be very grateful and helpful for all light workers if this mp3 music can be made soon.



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Re: Background music for healing therapy

Post by thuongan1992 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:19 am

This is a great idea. Just sharing my thoughts. If it's for energy healing therapy sessions, it should be very gentle, relaxing (but still powerful) and contains hypnotic nature (deep trance state).

You gotta make sure that you only use it with the patients in your sessions and not pass this mp3 to them in any way even if they ask for it.

I'm not sure if the mp3 can recognize the owner and his/her patients to do different kinds of energy works separately. I think it will just have impact with all its energies to all who listen to it as a whole. Again. Since I'm not the creator and not familiar with operating this technology, this is only my guess.

I'm interested in this too. Smile


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