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[Opened Discussion] Hey!! Tell me about you !!!

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[Opened Discussion] Hey!! Tell me about you !!!

Post by thuongan1992 on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:47 am

Hi friends,

My background.

My part:
I'm from Vietnam.  from Asia. I'm seeking a forum for metaphysic stuffs and to make friends cause' I feel drawn into this. In my country/community, nobody ever talked about mind machines, energy manipulation, energy transmissions, invocations and stuffs like that. They have very little knowledge, beliefs or experience about this.

I first explored and got hooked into the idea of metaphysic for real when I first found the exciting then listened to a recording named "OREDZIE-ENKI-2012-361times of BlueKnight (the recording was from Amy Flynn and Filip - the Admin here). The old has been such a big inspiration.

From there, my path of spiritual growth has been exciting. Now I listen to energy transmission videos/mp3s everyday. I will share with you information of some of the materials I using. Some will find them very farmilar.

Video transmissions:

video transmissions:

Mp3 transmissions:
mp3 transmissions:

  • From Amy Flynn:
  • From magic mp3s of SMF, of course
  • From team of Jobet xtrememind
  • Ralph Havens*, Leigh Russell, Barbara Robins, Michelle Carter, Patrick Prohaska, Grant Raymond Barrett, James Foo, Anne Whiteshouse*, Natalie Glasson, Eva Lane, Laura Lisak, Esophoria, Eric Altman, Kenji Kumara*, etc  

I've been only practicing receiving energies LOL..
I'm looking to practice channeling, invoking and sending energies myself. I will take it slow.
I want us to have deeper connections and community here. This threat is for those who are open and not scared about sharing a bit privacy

 lol!  farao

This threat is not marketing any other programs/ websites. it's just be sharing, caring and growing. We all come back here, right?.

I would like to know more about you, like...

Which paths you choosing or called to do (a receiving person <-- ME  LOL, a worshiper, an invoker, a shaman, medium, channeler, witch/Spells caster, a healing practitioner/master??). Which energy systems/forces/entities you are following/working with, whose products/supports you are using. Which mind machine(s)/ energy generator(s) you using?

If you feel any that is really powerful please recommend it to me. And if you got free but powerful stuff, please don't be shy to share with us. Giving is Receiving for sure. I specially like FREE STUFFS Smile))) Even if you got nothing to share, just smile and say hi. It would be enough Very Happy Welcome every one santa santa

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