Respond need help on Items I brought.

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Respond need help on Items I brought.

Post by shysteve41 on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:48 pm

Hi Stephen here thanks so much for all your help you are so kind. Your the best and so kind. So you sure the Bliss Enegine MP3 that I brought will work in the audio input of my RAD machine. Also How many different Bliss mp3's can I paly at one time going through my rad2000 machine would 4 or 5 be to much?

Now for the Audio spells the silent ones are the best and most powerful in your opinion right? Also how do I create multi folders and play several of these on on usb drive. Say if I want to do 3 different silent one on on drive how to I make them stronger make multi copies of the same file in one folder and name it like potection silent one and make multi copies in same folderlike 5 and do this for all the ones I buy audio spells. And how many different ones can I put on one usb drive say like 5 different audio spells with 5 of the same spell in each folder. One last question can I carry these audio spells at the same time that I am playing my Bliss engine MP3'S with the transfer disk on my rad2000 machine


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Re: Respond need help on Items I brought.

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:56 pm

Hi Stephen,

thank you. Yes, you can play them all via audio input of your RAD device/machine. How many is up to you - if you want to focus on one particular topic - then play one mp3 - if you want making a mix - use more.

Years ago I used UltraRadLonghorn and set it up on near my PC, where thru 30 minutes was mp3 for attraction, and for next 30 minutes was mp3 for getting laid - and when I was at club - I was checking my clock to see the instant change in my environment - and it was: exactly 11:30-11:31 DJ was changing the whole mood and plays different set of songs - and then around 12:00-12:01 he again change the mood of songs - and so on. Had great fun with it Cool

So, it is rather your choice if you want to play one mp3 or many. It is good to use like Winamp and creating playlist - so each mp3 goes at least thru 30 minutes to up 1 hour - however it is specific latitude - freedom of choice - after all it move the operator ahead - regardless if you play 3 or 5 - as long as you focus on your goals - and have feedback in form of observation (effects, side effects, results, people reaction, your mood, your thoughts, emotions, your physical condition, quality of sleep, improvements in relationships, etc etc ) - you can mix different tools to receive what you want. Yes, Being an observer helps a lot (and reasoning, analyze, etc etc) - because you will know which tools use and how to go the right direction more near to achieve your goals.

SAT (Silent ones) are pretty effective. The strength of Audio Talisman is also dictated by trance-engines inside.

They can be in one folder but to organize them better - I would recommend making folders with names of particular Audio Talismans - and this way - you will avoid mess on your pen-drive/s.

It completely doesn't matter if there are in one folder or in many. Creating folders is for better organize of your files - so without searching specific AT in your drive - you go to the folder with it's name - and copy or delete files (audio talismans) to receive more power or decrease it's power.

As long as you don't chi-overload/chi-overpower/stress-out it is okay to use these mp3s (bliss engines and audio talismans) in different way and combinations - via headphones, pen-drives, via radionics machines or softwares.

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Re: Respond need help on Items I brought.

Post by Tradarcher123 on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:45 pm

I find that the body is used to fluctuations in energy so if you carry for four or five hours and take off for an hour or two to process becomes more efficient.


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Re: Respond need help on Items I brought.

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